In 2021, Grupo Demetra Developments was born, forging a new paradigm of urban living based on thriving communities and the harmonious coexistence of generations. We created two types of projects based on our philosophy: Village within a village & Reimagine life in the city.

We create homes that foster a new, community-focused, sustainable way of living.

A contemporary Eco-village in the heart of a traditional village
Join a community in harmony with nature and sustainability

hectares of community green area
hectares of forest
hectares land plot
hectares of private green areas
sqm public areas

Our commitment to sustainability is woven into every aspect of our project, from the materials we use to the choice of location and the lifestyle we promote.

Sustainability and community building are integral to our DNA. They are both the reasons and the source of inspiration for Grupo Demetra’s first residential project, Gulia Eco Village.

A vibrant and sustainable community

This endeavour reflects our dedication to creating spaces that not only respect the environment, but also foster strong, healthy communities. At Gulia Eco Village we’re cultivating an ecosystem where individuals can live, work, and thrive in harmony with nature, setting a new standard for living spaces that truly embody the essence of sustainability and community.

We’re not just constructing homes. We’re cultivating an ecosystem.

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